Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The 2nd partner meeting: Hungary, Hollókő

The second meeting was in Hungary, more properly in Hollókő 13-17 May. Hollókő is a traditional village which is located about 100 km north of Budapest and part of World Heritage from 1987.
On the first evening everybody arrived in safety and after check in we had dinner.
In the next three days our guests could acquaint with the region’s distinctive architecture, they could taste traditional meals, tried different arts and crafts (pottery, körmöcskézés, paper making).
On third day we had a colorful day, because we visited Ipolytarnóc where we took a historical walk in adventure and paleontology park then we have shoppingtime in city of Szécsény. In Rimóc we got to know local monuments, buildings, history of city by major then visited a museum.
The common program continued with performances of each partners then we could see the creation of regional folk costumes, not just saw this, we could try it.

The last full day’s morning we spent with media and marketing workshop where the aim was “How to put local products to the market?” participants worked together in little groups, they have to made soap packaging design. The end of day/meeting we closed with certificate attendance ceremony and common celebrate.

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