Friday, 17 April 2015

It is time to see what kind of treasures our students have made in different handicraft courses in Järvilakeus adult education centre. Here are some pictures from our handicraft exhibition. Many of these products, especially different kind of small bags,  are made of recycled material:  candy papers, video tape, bottle caps, old table clothes, coffee bags...  a great way to mix traditional methods with new (old) materials!

 Small bags made of candy paper. You can use these as a toilet bag, wallet ...
 Handbags made of linen table clothes... and you newer guess what is the material of the small bags in the right ; )
 My favourite bag, made of video tape!
 Also in this small bag the decoration is made of video tape.
 Strong bags made of empty coffee bags.

 A beautiful evening bag, made of bottle caps, can you believe it?!
Small bags for tiny things

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