Tuesday, 23 June 2015


The project is going to end soon and it is time to look back what we have done during this project. There are pictures from meetings and workshops in partnership countries. There are thousands of photos where to choose from, but we choose to make a small exhibition to demonstrate what we have done during this project together. The online photo exhibition is one part of our common results. As you can see, pictures are a great way to tell a story about Folk & Art.

Meeting in Finland, Lappajärvi 2013: Workshop about traditional braiding tecniques.( Photo: Denis Marohnic)

Meeting in Hungary, Holloko 2014: Coordinators meeting: Happy people = Good decisions  (Photo: Laura Liepina)

Meeting in Hungary, Holloko 2014: Learning traditional folk dances (Photo: Pirita Nurmi)

Meeting in Portugal, Leiria 2014: A workshop about a special glass decoration tecnigue (Photo: Mari Takamaa

 Meeting in Croatia, Island of Hvar 2015: Croatian traditional folk costumes (photo: Ljerka Srhoj)

Meeting in Croatia, Island of Hvar 2015: one of the workshops was to make a traditional dry stone wall. (Photo: Heli Peltoniemi)

Meeting in Latvia, Viesite 2015: we had a great workshop where we could dress up Latvian folk costumes, here are friends from Croatia and Portugal. Learners made also a PP-presentation about Latvian folk costumes. (photo: Mari Takamaa)

Meeting in Latvia, Viesite 2015: a study trip to Mark Rothko Center (Photo: Laura Liepina)

In the poster are represented traditional folk costumes from every partner country. Thank you for this great journey through different countries, cultures, wolrkshops! Thank you for new friends and connections!


Here are coordinators who have made this all to happen: from the left Gunta from Latvia, Mari from Finland, Denis from Croatia, Umbelina from Portugal, Krisztian from Hungary. Thank you also to all local people in different countries, you are the soul of our our project! (Photo: Laura Liepina)


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